Your High Traffic, Heavy Duty Option

The King Ranch Style Gate Hanger derives its name from the double-sided bump gate know by many in the oil industry as the “King Ranch Gate”.  This duel-access gate is primarily designed for wide entry or high fence locations with heavier-duty truck traffic.  This System consists of two gates (sizes vary) pivoting from one central post simultaneously, allowing trucks to enter one side and exit the other.  This gate option operates using a low maintenance, light weight, perfectly balanced system, which does not require significant inertia.

The King Ranch Hanger can utilize one of three latching mechanisms, depending on the needs of our clients: The Trap System <<link to cattle guard gate latching system>>, as seen on our Cattle Guard Retrofit ; a Cable System with the standard Tap-Gate release mechanism <<link to standard gate lock and release system>>; Or, a low-voltage magnetic keypad system which utilizes a 1400lb magnetic release and has a non fail cycle of 500,000 (Note that this electronic option does require low-voltage battery power).  Please consult to your local Tap-Gate dealer to determine which latching system is right for the needs of your business.

Accommodates large transport vehicles            24-hour Installation

Well suited for high-fence application            Light weight

Smooth rotation leaving no foundation tork

Multiple latching mechanisms available

Can accommodate 10 – 20 foot gates            Perfectly balanced

Rather than weighing over a ton and having welders and crane truck and days of labor to install, our King Ranch Style Tap-Gate is light weight and uses the same basic installation concept as the Standard Tap Gate  and can be completely installed in a single day.


King Ranch Style Gate

King Ranch Style Gate

King Ranch Style Gate

King Ranch Style Gate