1.   Q: What is a TAP-GATE?

 A: The TAP-GATE is a mechanical, self-closing and self-locking gate hanger system that adds safety and security to your property. The TAP-GATE enables you to enter your pasture, property, and/or well site without having to get out of your vehicle saving time and money.


2.   Q: Does it use electricity?

A: No, The TAP-GATE uses no solar or electric power and has no wires or batteries. The TAP-GATE isall mechanical and operated solely by the inertia of your vehicle making contact with the roller and gravity, which brings the gate back to center.


3.   Q: What makes it close?

A: The TAP-GATE’s closing mechanism is based on a parabolic path that, in conjunction with gravity, closes the gate and returns it to center.


4.   Q: What are the rollers on either sides of the gate?

A: The polymer rollersact as a stand-off between your vehicle and the gate minimizing the possibility of damage to the gate or your vehicle.


5.   Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. There is a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


6.   Q: Where is it made?

A: The TAP-GATE is manufactured in Texas.


7.   Q: How much does it cost?

A: A typical gate system can be installed locally for $2000


8.   Q: Does the exterior exit lever require locks?

 A: No, the locks on the exterior entry lever are not required for the gate to function properly; they are just in place to give you the option of locking the gate as you would a front door.


9.   Q: Does the interior exit lever require locks?

A: No, the interior exit lever does not require locks.



10.   Q: How long does it take to get in and out?

A: You can enter and exit the TAP-GATE in as little as 35 seconds.


11.   Q: What length gates are available?

A: The standard TAP-GATE is 16ft, but the TAP-GATE is also available in lengths of 10ft, 12ft, and 20ft.


12.   Q: Can I pull a trailer through it?

A: The best way to pull a trailer through the gate is to have someone hold the gate open to ensure the trailer clears the gate. However, that may not be necessary with your specific truck and trailer combination.


13.   Q: What maintenance does it require?

 A: The only maintenance the TAP-GATE requires is the periodic refilling of the anti-freeze used to lubricate the gates main post reducing friction in the linear bearings.


14.   Q: Can I drive thru a gate and test it?

 A: Yes. We have a portable drive thru demo set up we can bring to you at your convenience.  To set up an appointment for a drive thru demo call us at 1-888-TAP-GATE.


15.   Q: Why is it efficient?

A: You save over a minute and thirty seconds every time you enter and exit the gate.


16.   Q: Can I add locks?

A: Yes, 4 long shank lock saddles are standard but additional saddles can be added if necessary.


17.   Q: How is the TAP-GATE different from a bump gate?

A: Unlike a bump gate the TAP-GATE can be locked adding an extra level of security. TAP-GATE is also much easier to install. The standard TAP-GATE system weighs less than 650lbs and is assembled on site with no cranes or welding required.


18.   Q: If I have a high fence, how do I keep animals from jumping over the gate?

A: The TAP-GATE has a high fence option which incorporates “fencing” above the gate to keep deer or other animals from escaping.