Cattle Guard Retrofit/ TRAP GATE

Cattle Guard Retrofit/ TRAP GATE Video

Cattle Guard Retrofit/ TRAP GATE Video – Click to Play

The Trap Gate System is designed to provide land owners and field personnel with additional security by retrofitting existing cattle guards to create a barrier that prevents livestock from attempting to cross.

The Cattle Guard Retrofit can be installed over an existing cattle guard. It maintains an independent base, raised approximately 1 inch above and straddling the cattle guard. This styleworks using the same principle as the standard tap gate but its purpose is to ensure that cattle or other ranch livestock do not escape over the cattle guard, therefore this retrofit does not necessitate a lock system.

Since no locking system is incorporated into the Cattle Guard Retrofit, the gate stays closed by resting in a “V” trap that is located on the opposite side of the post that the gate pivots on. To open the gate, the driver will simply tap the roller with the front bumper of the vehicle which forces the gate to travel over the V trap allowing it to swing freely as the vehicle passes through the gate. Once the vehicle has passed completely through the gate, it will swing back to its original closed position and latch back in the V trap.

To avoid any damage done to the vehicle, a small wheel is attached to the end of the gate that will roll along the side of the vehicle as it drives by. This feature prevents the vehicle from getting scratched or damaged by the edge of the gate.

No lock system        Simple and easy to use

Prevents livestock from jumping over cattle guard.

No damage to existing cattle guard            Safety of service personnel

Personnel can remain in the vehicle while moving through property