Started in late 2011 as a company with one primary product, the Tap-Gate™, our organization has evolved into much more. We now have a broad range of fencing, railing and barricade products that provide safety, efficiency, and security with a number of applications.

With 30+ years of oil and gas expertise, a keen eye for identifying the needs of the working man (or woman), and endless ingenuity, we strive to overcome “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. We offer a better alternative with innovative manufacturing.

 Our goal is to recognize delays, frustrations, and hazards in industry and reduce them.

The delays of using old methods for construction.

The frustrations of having systems that are time consuming, look second rate, or deteriorate.

The fire hazards of welding, the chemical hazards of rust proofing and painting, and the injury hazards of heavy, cumbersome components.

Our Pipeline Easement Oil & Gas industry products focus on simple, rapid construction, durability, and attractive, secure access control (Turn Key Pipeline Easement). We are currently developing a line of loss prevention products to reduce oil and gas field theft.

Our Barricade, Bollard,& Railing products (Utility M.A.N™) are designed to be adaptable, durable, attractive, and easy to install with basic tools. No welding or painting is required.

Our Fencing products simplify and speed construction of pipe fences (Saddled n’ Ready), wire fences (Fence Fork™ with clips), wooden H braces (Quick Brace™), and pipe H braces (M.A.N.™ Brace, H-Brace Adjustable Center Kit). The Gatekeeper™ is designed to safely and neatly hold open rail gates from a T-post, eliminating its unsightly predecessor, the chunk of rusted barbed wire.

Our Tap-Gate™ Gates are designed to shorten time of entry and exit through a gate and virtually eliminate the need to exit the vehicle, while providing secure access to several “key holders” via the ability to hold multiple padlocks. It is the perfect solution for oil and gas pipeline easement access and hunting leases.

At Tap Gate™, we have two mantras:   ATD – Attention to Detail    WIT – Whatever it Takes!

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P. Mark Lankford, President
Tap Gate™
Texas, U.S.A.

Don’t see something that quite fits your needs? We have engineers and draftsmen on staff to assist in custom design.

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